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Welcome baby Shomoari! A birth story

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

My first snowstorm baby ya'll!

This mama was referred to me by a great friend of mine. Shoutouts to the friends who secure blessings for you behind your back!

This baby boy said ready or not, here I come!

Ya'll, we have a snowstorm baby!! **gasppppp** Mama started feeling contractions early Wednesday morning. The plan was for her to labor at home for as long as possible before heading over to the birthing center and she did just that.

As a doula, my worst fear is missing a birth. So after house of mom having consistent contractions and knowing a snowstorm was on the way, I told mom that I'd head over to the birthing center and wait until she felt ready. However, at that point the contractions slowed down. So, here I was.. in my car ready to go.. the snow has started, but, baby may not actually come yet?! **stressed**

Well, baby boy said SIKE! The contractions came back and they came back STRONG. Mama and her partner called the birthing center only to find out (& I can't make this stuff up) the birthing center lost power due to the storm that was now full-fledged. Now what?!

Not too long after getting that very crazy update moms water broke ya'll! Talk about STRESSED?! Luckily the birthing center is affiliated with another birthing center in Brooklyn so the midwife directed us to head over there. I left Queens as soon as I got the word that her water broke-- driving 24mph at the very most in the fresh snow.

The Birth

I arrived around 9pm to find that mama had dilated to 7cm. With only about 3cm to go one would assume that this would be a quick one but it didn't quite go that way. Apparently, baby was in an occiput posterior position that made active labor very hard and long for mama. Each contraction brought on back pains and gave her the urge to push which went on until baby boy arrived.

Mama was exhausted after awhile but her strength was absolutely incredible! Her partner never left her side-- encouraging her and being an amazing support. It was such a beautiful experience. Around 3am baby boy safely arrived and both mom and dad immediately fell in love.

My first snowstorm baby-- thank you for putting me in a position to be better than I was before.

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