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Welcome baby Sire! A baby story

This is probably my craziest birth story yet!

This mama found me via Instagram and it was honestly such a divine connection. I'm so sad our time together is coming to an end *tear*.. but this birth story though?! Let's get into it!

Mom labored at home for awhile before her and her husband made their way to the birthing center.

I met them there around 9am and she was 3 cm dilated but the contractions were consistent. We decided to get up and moving! We went out into the garden (yes, they had a garden) to walk around. We walked, talked, and did some lunges. Her contractions were literally two minutes apart at this point.

Get into this birth story!

After awhile we decided to go back inside to get mama into the tub to help manage the contractions. I set up the lavender oil in the diffuser and played some soft music. Her partner came and joined us and she used him as a support as he and I tended to her back with some massaged and hydrotherapy. Mom stayed in the tub for about 5 hours. She was 5cm dilated at this point (about 3:45pm) which made her wonder if the glass was half full or half empty at that point. But we didn't let that discouragement settle in!

After laying in bed for a few we decided to labor over the toilet for some relief. Mom sat on the toilet backwards as I sat behind her to provide ongoing counter-pressure & back massages. At this point, lights were out, Solange was on the 1s and 2s, & the lavender oil had us in zen. After about maybe an hour of that, she said "the baby is coming!" then started pushing! Dad switched places with me as I rushed to page the midwives. By the time the midwives ran over to the room, baby's head was already out and he was still in the bag of waters!

At this point, mama was standing over the toilet. The bag of waters broke with the next push and he came right out! The midwife caught him and passed him underneath mom's legs to allow her to hold her baby boy.

Baby boy made his GRAND entrance for sure! Mama was so strong-- no meds and barely any rest. I am still in awe! Welcome baby boy!

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