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Welcoming Baby Ari! A birth story

Read about my very first birth experience as a birth doula!

Oh baby what an experience! We welcomed "miss mamas" on October 8, 2021. My very first birth experience as a doula! She was giving mama all of the kicks in the womb and surely came out into the world kicking just the same!

Mama was induced and was feeling intense contractions from the very beginning. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to cope with intense contractions early on, so as soon as I arrived, me and dad got right to it! He was such a great support partner!

We kept things moving and grooving for 12 hours whole hours! We got mama to 4cm before she requested the epidural for some much needed rest. Once mama was able to rest, labor progressed quickly!

Baby Ari's arrival

Her partner and I continued giving her massages, talked her through contractions, & helped her switch positions regularly. She went from 4cm to 7cm within just a couple of hours-- then 7cm to the pushing in less than an hour!! This was such an exciting moment for us all. We were finally about to meet baby Ari!

We encouraged mama through each push and baby Ari came through within a matter of minutes! Dad cut the cord and stayed by his baby girl's side while I stayed with mom through the rest of the after-birth process. I was so amazed at mama's strength! She labored for 2.5 days and finished strong!

My first experience was a learning experience for sure. I am thankful that they trusted me to walk with them on this journey!

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