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Welcoming baby Manny! A birth story

The strength of this mama was amazing!

Baby Manny was ready for the world! Mama started feeling her early labor contractions this past Saturday-- two days before her estimated due date. She labored at home and at the mall (thanks to grandmom! haha!) for awhile before heading to the hospital.

Ya'll, let me tell you how much of a G this mama was!! I couldn't even tell when she was having a contraction!

The body language us doulas usually look for as signs (fellow doulas you know what I'm talking about) were nonexistent here! I really couldn't believe it!

Manny's arrival

The bag of waters were broken by her midwife (hospital midwife) at 6cm dilation. It was ON after that!! Her best friend came through with some motivation via FaceTime, her mom and I were helping her move and groove as much as possible. Music was playing, lavender oils were diffusing, and lots of dancing happened. After 9 additional hours, mama felt she needed some rest so she agreed to an epidural. It wasn't a part of her birth plan to get one but as we know, plans change and that's okay. Her mom is a nurse so she was a great help with helping mama to switch positions after getting an epidural.

After about an hour or so she felt the urge to push! We got the midwives and it was on! Baby Manny arrived 27 minutes later safe and sound. He absolutely LOVED being on his mama during the golden hour, and was NOT playing about that boobie juice.

Welcome to the world little man!

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